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Advantages of Aerogel Felt

wallpapers Industry 2020-08-26

Aerogel felt is a composite material du derived from aerogel, which is used for thermal insulation; it is flexible thermal insulation felt compounded with nano-silica aerogel as the primary material through a unique process.

The advantage is that it has low thermal conductivity and is an excellent thermal insulation material. It has the characteristics of softness, smooth cutting, low density, chemical fire resistance, and hydrophobicity. It can replace traditional flexible thermal insulation materials such as glass fibre products and asbestos insulation felt. It can achieve the same thermal insulation effect of conventional thermal insulation materials with the smallest volume, environmental protection and energy-saving, and is widely used.

1. Excellent bai heat insulation effect

The thermal insulation effect of aerogel felt is 2-5 times that of du traditional thermal insulation materials. According to Arrhenius' experiment, the theoretical service life is 20 years. Almost the same life span as buildings.

2. Reduce the thickness of the insulation layer

Aerogel felt has the same thermal insulation effect, and the thickness is only a fraction of that of traditional materials. After heat preservation, the heat loss is small, and space utilization rate is high. And at high temperatures, the above performance advantages are more visible.

3. Hydrophobicity and fire resistance

Aerogel felt it is water-repellent and can effectively prevent water from entering the pipeline and equipment. At the same time, it has to build A1 fire protection performance, and the unique three-dimensional network structure of aerogel avoids the apparent decline of other thermal insulation materials such as sintering deformation and sedimentation during long-term high-temperature use.

4. Convenient construction

Aerogel felt it is light in weight, easy to cut and sew to adapt to various shapes of pipes and equipment for heat preservation, and it requires less time and labour for installation.

5. Save transportation costs

Smaller package volume and lighter weight can significantly reduce the transportation cost of insulation materials.

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