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EV Charger Module application

wallpapers News 2021-06-21
EV Charger Module application
1. The EV Charger Modules are individually or in parallel to form a charging cabinet, with current sharing and voltage stabilization technology, to achieve stable power output, and to meet the charging of battery packs (groups) of different voltage levels. It is widely used in charging stations for vehicle charging and site mobile recharge. Wait for the occasion
2. The electric vehicle charging power supply of the electric vehicle distributed charging network can quickly and effectively deploy the charging network to provide high-power charging services for electric vehicles
Main features
1. The input and output of the charger are fully isolated
2. High power density, save user space and reduce system cost
3. DSP intelligent digital control technology, digital precise control, higher stability and reliability
4. High voltage stabilization, steady current accuracy, safe and reliable performance
5. Input overvoltage/undervoltage protection, output overcurrent/short circuit protection, built-in diode failure isolation, overheating protection and other functions
6. Intelligent control of EV Charger Module, providing data communication interface
7. Input phase loss protection function, normal work of the module derating to ensure continuous and effective operation of the equipment
8. Withstand voltage rating, insulation rating, EMC and other indicators are in line with my country's relevant technical standards for electric vehicle chargers
9. Support hot swap, easy to maintain
10. Industry-leading active power factor correction technology, the input power factor is as high as 0.99, and the total harmonic content is ≤5%
11. Ultra-wide voltage output range

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