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Spherical Roller Bearings Noise Elimination Method

wallpapers News 2020-04-18

Damage to roller bearings When unloading and inspecting rolling bearings, the faults and damage causes of the bearings can be judged according to the destruction of the bearings. (The heat in the vacuum state of the vacuum furnace can reduce or avoid the oxidation of the workpiece, and the high-pressure gas quenching can control the cooling and deformation of the workpiece, avoid the environmental dyeing problem caused by oil quenching, and achieve clean heat treatment. Besides, after vacuum heat treatment, the workpiece The microstructure is more beautiful and more uniform, the surface is consistent with the core structure, and the hardness is uniform, which is conducive to the improvement of bearing fatigue life.

During the on-site troubleshooting, it was found that the movement speed of the three-claw round plate was not zero, and the three-claw round plate on the three-claw round plate was forcibly damaged. It becomes an irregular ellipse, causing the crusher to malfunction or create a "speeding" phenomenon.

It is better to use standard bearings in the design of mechanical devices (this design is designed to determine whether the bearings are easy to purchase. Some bearing catalogs do have models, but some non-standard bearings are not available in the mainland, and sometimes the futures will be very long. The cost of time and the cost of later replacement must be considered when selecting a model.) The load of the bearing and the load placed on the bearing are variable in nature, size, and direction. The metal peeling of the raceway surface, the rolling elements of the bearing, and the raceway surfaces of inner and outer rings are subjected to periodic pulsating loads, thereby generating periodically changing contact stress. R-type ball diameter has a large number of small balls, which is a design that emphasizes rigidity; C-type ball diameter is significant, and ceramic balls are used, which is a design that emphasizes life; D type is a design that emphasizes high speed on the oil supply method; Considering the centrifugal force, it is more suitable for the high-speed design than D type. When the number of stress cycles reaches an absolute value, fatigue spalling occurs on the working surface of the rolling element or the inner and outer ring raceways.

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