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What is a linear ball bearing?

wallpapers Tech 2020-09-28
Linear ball bearings are linear motion systems used for linear motion, combined with cylindrical shafts.
Due to the point contact between the bearing ball and the bearing shell, the friction resistance of the steel ball is the smallest when rolling, so the linear bearing has low friction, relatively stable and will not change with the bearing speed, and can obtain high sensitivity and high precision stability Linear movement.
Linear ball bearings also have their limitations. The most important thing is that the impact load capacity of the bearing is weak, and the bearing capacity is also insufficient. Secondly, linear ball bearings have higher vibration and noise during high-speed motion.
Linear ball bearings are widely used. They are commonly used in precision equipment, such as tensile testing machines and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment. They are used in industrial machinery such as multi-axis machine tools, punches, tool grinders, automatic gas cutting machines, printers, carding machines and food packaging machines, and have a wide range of applications.

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