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What should FAG bearings bushing pay attention to in the organization process?

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(1) The main points to note when assembling FAG bearings bushings are:
①The contact surface of the upper and lower FAG bearings bushes should be close;
②The fit between the FAG bearing bush and the bearing seat is generally a small interference fit (0.01mm-0.05mm);
③The diameter of the FAG bearing bush should not be too large or too small;
④The FAG positioning pin must be firmly installed;
⑤ There should be no axial gap between the FAG flange or socket and the bearing seat;
⑥Check the contact angle and contact point by painting method. Contact angle: 60°-90°, contact point: 1-1.5 points/cm2 (low speed and intermittent mechanism); medium load and continuous operation machines are 2-3 points/cm2; heavy and high-speed machines 3-4 points/cm2
(2) Assemble one-piece FAG sliding bearing (shaft sleeve)
The operation steps for the sleeve to enter the body are to press in and fix the sleeve, check and trim after assembly. When assembling, according to the size of the sleeve, the matching interference and the position of the sleeve on the main body, the sleeve can be installed by cold pressing, heating the main body or cooling the sleeve.
①Method and tools for pressing in the shaft sleeve.
According to the position of the shaft sleeve on the main body and the size of the shaft sleeve, the shaft sleeve can be pressed in with a hand hammer or a press. When driving the bushing, you must place it in the correct position at the beginning, check it while pressing, and then increase the driving force after correction. Otherwise, the mating surface will be scratched and the sleeve will be deformed.

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