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Application and advantages of sodium silicate in detergent powder

With the increasing demand for washing products, detergent powder, an essential tool for daily cleaning, its composition and performance have attracted much attention. Sodium silicate, as an essential chemical component, has various functions in detergent powder, such as thickening, stabilization, and decontamination. Although there are other additives and ingredients, they usually can only partially or cannot completely replace the role of sodium silicate.

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The application of sodium silicate in detergent powder

  1. Thickener: Sodium silicate is a thickener in detergent powder, increasing the product’s viscosity and making it easier to apply and rinse during use.
  2. Stabilizer: Sodium silicate can stabilize other components in detergent powder, preventing product stratification or precipitation during storage and use.
  3. Detergent: Sodium silicate has good cleaning performance and can react chemically with stains, effectively removing stains from clothing.

Advantages of Sodium Silicate in Detergent Powder

  1. Improve stain removal efficiency: Sodium silicate can react chemically with stains, effectively removing stains from clothing and improving washing efficiency.
  2. Enhanced stability: By stabilizing other components, sodium silicate can improve the stability of detergent powder, making it less prone to delamination or precipitation during use.
  3. Reduce production costs: Compared with other thickeners, sodium silicate has a lower price and better performance, which can reduce the production cost of detergent powder.
(sodium silicate)

Evaluate the safety of sodium silicate in detergent powder

  1. Component composition and purity: Evaluate the component composition and purity of the sodium silicate to ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations. High-quality sodium silicate should have accurate composition and purity to reduce potential impurities and pollutants.
  2. Residual levels in food: Evaluate whether the residual levels of sodium silicate in detergent powder comply with relevant regulations and standards. Excessive residue levels may have adverse effects on human health. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the residual amount of sodium silicate in detergent powder is within a safe range.
  3. Human exposure: Evaluate whether the amount of sodium silicate ingested by the human body through detergent powder is safe. The safety of sodium silicate in detergent powder can be determined by evaluating human exposure levels.
  4. Toxicological studies: Conduct toxicological studies to evaluate the potential toxicity of sodium silicate to the human body. Through animal experiments and in vitro experiments, the impact of sodium silicate on the human body can be studied, providing a scientific basis for safety assessment.
  5. Risk assessment: Based on toxicological research and other relevant data, conduct a risk assessment on the safety of sodium silicate in detergent powder. Considering multiple factors, determine the risk level of the sediment site and propose corresponding risk management measures.
(sodium silicate)


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