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Researchers used a 1 kW single-mode fiber laser to 3D print pure copper powder

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Currently, selective laser melting is mainly suitable for 3D printing copper alloys. However, it is better to print pure copper (Cu) as it is more thermally and electrically conductive. While this metal can be used in functionally graded materials, some research has been done over the years to enable the economical production of pure copper components using SLM technology.

(3D Printing copper powder)

Copper has thermal properties that are attractive for heat exchange applications. Still, few scientists have attempted to use SLM 3D printing to process pure copper because laser-based fabrication of copper and its alloys often results in unstable conditions.

(3D Printing copper powder)

The complex geometric shapes and fine key features that powder bed fusion technology can achieve are highly attractive for the manufacturing of heat exchangers. Copper is the preferred primary metal for such applications. Although selective laser melting systems have significant advantages, their processing capabilities are limited. For example, the system’s effectiveness is mainly focused on 1 μ. Within the scale range of m, it is difficult to achieve ideal processing results for smaller scales.

On the other hand, the high conductivity of pure copper is a valuable characteristic in many applications. Through continuous exploration and innovation, we are expected to achieve more efficient and stable processing in the future and further expand the application fields of selective laser melting systems. Therefore, obtaining high-density components is not easy. This work uses a 1kW single-mode fiber laser to process pure copper powder with a purity of 99.9%. Due to high reflectivity, high power is required to overcome the problem of low processing efficiency. By using SLM prototypes, process parameters can be flexibly manipulated. Discussed the causes of densification and porosity.

Previous researchers have attempted to use SLM technology to treat copper powder with CO2 laser sources but could not achieve a relative density higher than 90%. The blue diode laser source has also been used to help densify pure copper powder, but the quality of the results has never been disclosed. Researchers at Milan Polytechnic University used a single-mode 1kW fiber laser source to process pure copper powder.

They used 99.9% pure copper powder from LPW Technologies and printed cube specimens on an open SLM system developed at the university to determine the process feasibility area. In their experimental design, the researchers tried 3D printing with various parameters. 3D printing copper powder is a special material used in 3D printing technology. Copper powder is mainly used in 3D printing to manufacture conductive parts, such as circuit boards, electromagnetic shielding parts, etc. Because copper has good electrical conductivity and flexibility, 3D printing copper powder has broad application prospects in electronic manufacturing, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

Application areas of 3d printing copper powder

Electronic manufacturing: Copper powder has excellent conductive properties and is widely used. 3D printing technology can quickly and efficiently fabricate sophisticated circuit boards, electromagnetic shielding components, and other electronic devices.

Aerospace: 3D printing copper powder can manufacture structural parts, connectors and conductive components in the aerospace field. Copper powder has become one of the important materials in the aerospace field due to its high conductivity and excellent mechanical properties.

(3D Printing copper powder)

Automobile manufacturing: Copper powder is also widely used in automobile manufacturing. Through 3D printing technology, automotive parts, such as sensors and actuators, can be manufactured quickly and efficiently.

(3D Printing copper powder)

Medical devices: Copper powder is also used in medical devices. For example, it is used in manufacturing surgical instruments, dental restorations, etc.

(3D Printing copper powder)

Energy field: Copper powder is also used in the energy field, such as in manufacturing solar panels, fuel cells, etc.


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